Sunday, September 8, 2013

Display Port to HDMI Conversion

Recently I faced a problem. I bought a 3D LED TV(LG42LA6200) which supports HDMI and many other features. I have a office laptop HP ProBook 6460b which does not support Intel WiDi application. Intel WiDi is a technology through which we can connect the display using WiFi. Without looking at laptops specifications properly, I thought HDMI is supported in my laptop. The Display Port looks similar to HDMI port except a small notch in the corner of the port. I thought it as HDMI port and bought a HDMI cable. The cable arrived home and i was shocked to see that I cannot connect HDMI to my Lap top  :(. Now what should i do?... Then I explored a bit on Google about this Display Port Vs HDMI port and found that there is a Adapter which converts the Display Port to HDMI female port. I was happy to see that. Otherwise my HDMI cable would have been a waste.

 Display Port to HDMI Female Adapter

Connecting the HDMI cable to Adapter

Identify the Display Port in the Laptop

Connect the Adapter to the Laptop

The Moment you connect the Cable from TV to Laptop and both are powered on, TV will automatically detect the HDMI Input. On Laptop you can extend or duplicate the displays just like connecting to projector. On Win 7, Go to Control Panel-> Display -> Connect to Projector Option and select the required option. I usually select the extend option. Play the movie on TV and do browsing on my laptop screen. 

                              *In Today's technology there is solution for everything. We just have to find it*

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