Monday, March 8, 2010

Creativity in Japan








*Creativity solves multiple problems in one shot. Everyone has their own creativity. But only few implements it*

Some funny constructions edited photos

Camera outside the ATM..!! 

Jump in the Air..!

This is what happens due to sleepless hardwork...!

Super man's Balcony 

No need of going to the railway station..!!

Who will change the street light..that's again a new job....!!

Only authorized people can see the door..!!

Want to draw money....? Get a ladder..!!

Who is confused?? The worker or Engineer...!!

What to say about this..!! No words..!! 

*Always Keep Smiling*
How if CPU and Key Board is Combined..??

Keyboard including CPU

                                                                     DVD RAM
                                                      All notifications and power button

Card Reader

Back Panel

Parallel port for Printers and slot for Hard disk

Multimedia Speakers

                                                   Finally the compact Mother Board.....
Still more improvements coming soon...........

*Market needs changes with benefits. If you don't change your product, you loose the game!*